How To Advertise On YouTube

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Nowadays you are not able to spread brand awareness inevitably without throwing chicken feeds.

 But to run a business perfectly, every business faces a time when they need to do paid advertisements to get popularity and for the promotion of their brand product and brand name.

But as we all know exceptions has to be there- ALWAYS! So, although it is not just quite necessary that if you are paying to ads then you will get 100% success in the planning of promoting your brand. 

We witnessed countless businesses that had faced unsuccessful campaigns because they did not know the right way to represent it or can say they didn’t have the right strategy.

 So, if you are willing to get engagement over your advertisement, firstly you need to be sure about choosing the right platform for your advertising campaign. And as we all know more than 1.9 billion people around the world engaged on YouTube and it becoming a very fascinating mode for running the ads, because these users of Youtube are watching a billion hours of videos each day.

According to the research, YouTube is the second most loving and popular website in the whole world for watching videos, and it gets second place only on Google.

The advertising statistics on YouTube are just quite remarkable. Users are more attentive on YouTube ads, rather than television ads, the YouTube mobile advertisement rate is 83% and television ads are about 45%. So here you can see the difference itself.

In short, YouTube is the fastest growing mode of popularity with no signs of slowing down.

Hope you understand the whole concept that why you should choose YouTube for brand awareness, now it’s time to learn how to run ads on YouTube but before this first we need to understand what is YouTube Advertising? So, here we go!! 


  1. What is YouTube Advertising

Google ads play a very vital role in YouTube advertising as it is done through it. It is the process of advertising your video content on YouTube in a way through which you can enhance your user reach. It could be many ways like before playing any video ads comes first or showing it up on YouTube search results for users to watch it as a whole.


  1. How to Advertise on YouTube

Before knowing the steps of advertising on YouTube here are some key points you need to focus on which first. Let’s, have a look at it.

Building Brand Awareness: To do YouTube advertising your main agenda is to introduce your product to the public who is not aware of it yet and also to attract the target audience for whom you specially launch a particular product or service. 


Should be influential: while going for Advertising YouTube ads, influencing the buying decision is the main target through which chances of purchasing your product and services will be sure and increased. So, video content should be easy to attack viewers’ minds that why a buyer should

purchase your product? Why your product/services is the best option for them? And so on.

Grow your sales: To grow your sales you should also take some new actions which will help to know you that if you also look out for the audience whom you never targeted before and test the new tactics.

Increase Your Brand’s Trust: Ask for feedback from the audience and the customers who already use your brand over the video and show expectancy that you are providing the best quality products and services.

Now let’s come to the steps of How to advertise on YouTube? There are some following steps you need to follow…!!

Step – 1:  Create a Channel on YouTube and Google Ads account let’s know about this from the root, before doing any further processing of YouTube advertising firstly, you have to create your channel over YouTube and set up your account over Google Ads.

 Mostly every mobile user already had signed up for it so you can skip this but in case if you don’t then it is the very first and foremost step you need to follow.


Step -2:  Upload your advertisement

Now, your job is to simply upload your ad after creating your account on YouTube.

For uploading your video you have to go to the dashboard and tap on the little video camera icon in the top right corner and after tapping on it menu bar will pop up on your screen with two options:

  • Upload video
  • Go live

You need to select an upload video option and just land on the screen.

There are many other optional options, 

  • Public
  • Unlisted
  • Private
  • Scheduled 

It is totally up to you that you want to keep your ads separate from the content which you shared on the channel and keep it private, on the other hand, you can use your channel content as an advertisement and go with public.


Step – 3:  Create a new campaign

Now the time to head out from YouTube and head over to the Google Ads. That’s how from here you will be able to begin a new campaign.

Go on Google Ads dashboard and select a campaign from the menu on the left corner of the screen.

You can start your new campaign by clicking the plus sign or new campaign.


Step – 4:  Select Your Goal

This step is quite optional. Google Ads provides you the option of moving ahead without choosing your goal.

Here are your options if you choose goal:

  • Sales
  • Leads
  • Website Traffic
  • Product & Brand consideration
  • App Promotion

 After choosing your goal, Google Ads will compulsorily suggest campaign settings that will be most favorable for your advertisement. Except for ads promotions, video advertisements will be available for all of these options.

Step – 5:  Choose Your Campaign Type

Now it’s time to choose what type of campaign you want to run. This is a very important step as it shows where your ads will be displayed.


Step – 6:  Select an Ad Format

Here you have to select how you want to run your ads this option is quite based on your selection of goals in step – 4.

List of Ad Formats:-

  • TrueView Advertisements
  • non-skippable in-stream Advertisements
  • Bumper Advertisements
  • Sponsored cards
  • Overlay Advertisements
  • Display Advertisements

Except for this, you will also have an option to set up the sequencing of ads. These are the unfolding of showing a video advertisement series to a single person. A sequential video is assigned with a step or numbers to show them into the proper order to an individual over time.

Sequencing of Ads can be used for Trueview, In-stream, or bumper ads of the combination of two from them.


Step – 7:  Design Your Campaign

It is not just about running a campaign on YouTube it is more than that. So, this step is a very pivotal element for staying standardized. This is step is the last chance where you can change your goal before going ahead. You’ll also be naming your campaign so you can door to it to reconcile the settings and monitor the performance. 

For example, I named my campaign “TVK Academy”.

Then in next, you will have to incline your budget and bidding strategy for the advertisement.

There are two different ways in which you can set your budget. Either the total amount which you will be going to spend for the duration of your campaign or a daily amount which you want to spend.

Forbidding strategies there are six options which you can choose as per your comfort:

  • Maximum CPV(Cost Per View)
  • Maximum CPM, cost per 1000 times the ad displayed
  • Automatic bids based on an action (TARGET CPA), billed at the CPM rate
  • Maximize Conversions – Google setup automatic bids to provide you the highest number of conversions to fit your budget.

From our point of view we eulogize that you should experiment with as many bidding options as much as you can to see what provides you the best return on your investment. On the other hand, you can always set up the target CPA or maximize conversions automated things for you by Google Ads.

While doing Campaign Configuration Process, you can also customize the things as listed below:

  • Networks
  • Inventory Types
  • Excluded content
  • Locations
  • Languages

 It is just the beginning or can say the first part of your campaign customizing. In the next part, you will be able to break it down by selecting the people whom you want to take your reach. Here are some options for this like:

  •  Age
  • Gender
  • Household income
  • Parental status
  • Life events
  • Previous interactions with your business
  • Interests and habits

You need to make this unique as much as you can to ensure that your ads are spanning to the targeted audience. Otherwise, you will spend money which will become waste by being showing up to the wrong audiences.


Step – 8:  select title and keywords

While deciding about that who will be going to watch your ads, you also need to choose what type of videos your ads will be showing.

So, do your keyword research based on which relates to your brand besides this you need to identify what your target audience is looking for in the search bar. Google ads can provide you keyword ideas if you enter a related website along with products/services which you want to do your marketing with.

In each topic, you should Sub-categorized to cramped the results even further.

Suppose you choose arts and entertainment then you will be allowed to catch up subtopics like: 

  • Humor
  • Films
  • Comics & animations
  • Celebrities
  • Events
  • Visual art & designs

Again it is all about the unfold of designing to make sure that your advertisement is collaborated with the relatable videos and will be able to visible to relevant masses.


Step – 9:  Pate your Video ad URL

In step – 2 you need to upload your video ad on YouTube, now you have to go back there and copy ad URL and paste it on Google ads. This the last step of the process after this your approval for the details is only left and then your ad will start being run on YouTube.



For those people who were never introduced to the process of YouTube advertising before, this entire information will surely become helpful for you and make you feel a bit overwhelming. But these 9 steps are just simple to follow and if you have already a YouTube sign up and Google Ads account then you don’t need to work on the first step of the process.

 Because when it about videos YouTube itself is the most popular website and irreplaceable too as we all know that around the globe billions of people are consuming there most of the time on YouTube on the daily basis of their lives. In this generation, we even can’t suppose to think that businesses can afford to compete without an active YouTube presence.

 If you are thinking about paid promotions then yes YouTube is the trustworthy platform for this. Because the fact is quite unchangeable that Google Ads will run everything and make it easier or simply to provide you customize campaigns to ensure that they are targeting the right audience by engaging with them. By following this process you will surely and comfortably do your brand advertisement on YouTube and get success in your brand YouTube Advertising. Hope this all information will become helpful for you as we serve our best knowledge to you.

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