About Us 

Great SEO needs great tools &

great tools need skilled personnel

We are a team of talented individuals, equipped with the right tools and thats the perfect equation to create magic! We are an independently owned SEO agency acting as the backbone for hundreds of businesses worldwide.

Our Story

The name Zebravo comes from the amalgamation of 2 words Zebra and Bravo. A Zebra has two colours – black and white, representative of, clarity of thought and strategy. We at Zebravo have no grey areas!

Bravo, a word used to express approval of a task done by a person – is a sign of positivity and accomplishment.

With this clarity of vision, commitment and the experts in this industry we are all set to deliver, the best-in-class results for our clients!

Zebravo is a wonderfully – built factory with our team being the perfectly oiled machine. Our approach of people first helps both, our partners and employees. This is reflected by the in jaw-dropping search rankings results we achieve for our clients.



Create SEO Wonders 

What sets us apart?

Let bygones be bygones. There was a day and age when the ranking on google was all about using the right keywords, number of blogs or backlinks.

In order to keep with the evolving times, Google is always one step ahead of its user. Google today now smarter, faster and demands real love from your audience to be able to rank on their listings.

Our team of experts understand these changes and plan strategies around this in order to give that victory to your business!

Great SEO Companies are not defined by physical boundaries of the world

Local presence but global reach!

At Zebravo we believe in business not boundaries! Great businesses are no longer defined by physical boundaries – not cities, states or countries. We are headquartered in London, United Kingdom but we cater to clients and businesses all over the world. We have multi lingual teams who also understand cultures, industries and sectors worldwide making it easier for us to work with a varied range of clients globally.

With changing times, technology has equipped our teams with a lot more flexibility and collaboration across countries. We at Zevravo engage, co-create value and succeed with any partner or customer regardless of the geographic location, size, language or culture.

Revenue generated By SEO

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Happy Clients

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Why Zebravo?

Affordable SEO Services

Our high-quality SEO services are super affordable to your pockets. 


Professional SEO Services

Our full-service SEO management ensures that we drive relevant traffic to your website.

Reliable SEO Services

We manually mount high-quality backlinks and use only white hat techniques.

The Secret of getting on top of search results is “TO GET STARTED”.
So let’s get you started…


Things get very easy when you approach one of our specialists to get a customized quote. Which depends on your business type, local keyword difficulty, competition, your current website position, and many other factors.

We try to understand your current website ranking, content, domain score, spam score, and social signals.

The entire purpose of discovery call is to understand “IF” we can help you. We simply do not work with every company that approaches us because we might not be in a position to help them.

We do not push for hard sales, or strong follow up. That’s a promise!

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