5 Effective Conversion Hacks To Growing Your Client Base By 2 Percent In 30 Days

Jan 29, 2021 | 0 comments


1. Data is money, how else do you think Mark Zuckerburg got here?

Make the shopping experience for your user so easy and speedy so that they do not get time to rethink their decision.

  • Start with Saving a customer’s unique ordering information wherever you can
  • It includes highlighting past orders, past viewed items, favorited items, saving credit card numbers affiliated with their account.
  • Don’t forget to provide the option of check-box to auto-fill the shipping address if it matches the billing address.
  • Make sure when they enter their Zip Code, their city automatically shows up in the next box.

TrafficSafetyStore.com saw a 38.74% increase in their conversion rates post these simple tweaks.

2. There’s an Error but we’ve got you!

  • We all hate it when we’ve gone through a website’s order process only to end up on a big, fat error page. Mistakes do happen, what matters is how you handle it without causing alarm.
  • Try implementing cache collected data so that pages when refreshed return with information still completed.
  • Highlight errors in specified fields with a color other than red, such as orange or yellow. The color red tends to provoke an intense and alarming feeling in users.
  • Use words such as “Oops, there seems to be a mistake” instead of “Failed” when an order form completion has gone wrong. Give them a welcome human-like interaction.

3. Because Communication is Key

  • Once the user places their order on your website, the next step is the communication.
  • Here’s where “user interaction” comes in. Interactions with customers keeps them engaged with the product or company and nowadays it can be done in a number of ways.
  • Such minor tweaks can result in a 12.91% increase in completed transactions within the first week of implementing cached checkout.Tried and tested!

4. Attention to Presentation!

  • Users are always attracted with a good design feel of the website i.e. UI and get further involved in surfing.
  • With the good UX design, the user easily gets what they need andgoes to call to actions (CTA) to interact with the business which becomes a LEAD.
  • More leads increase the chances for converting them to customers and hence increase in the revenue.

5.  Habits Die Hard!

  • Rarely would you see an iPhone user upgrading or switching to an Android experience. Humans tend to develop this psychological preference due to familiarity with the product or experience. This is called the Mere-Exposure Effect.
  • Similarly, CTAs that are strategically placed at positions on the screen where the user is habituated to looking at, or navigate their mouse pointers involuntarily can act as a good click bait and pull them in and keep them engaged to browse more…
  •  For example, designers place the “next” button on the top right corner of webpages because they know the user will search for the “home” button there. That is the reason you’ll see most of the CTAs and action catches like the User Profile and Notification Icons on the right top


To  implement the above hacks you need a good team with knowledge, expertise and experience to work the magic of converting the traffic into leads. We at Zebravo, a digital transformation agency, have designed & developed such websites for our clients and we can do the same for you as well !