10 reasons why you need to start using Pinterest in 2020

May 25, 2020 | 0 comments


If you’re looking to expand your brand’s social media reach, we have a strategy for you to pin down. Pinterest for business can prove to be a huge moneymaker if done right, delivering returns that eclipse the other, more prominent social networks. So, if you’ve been wondering ‘how to use Pinterest’ for branding or for creating an online portfolio of products, you may have just about found your winning pony. In this article, we’re going to list down ten vital reasons for you to get started right away:

1. Pinterest is a long-term content marketing strategy

 Unlike other social networks that thrive on recency of content creation for relevance, Pinterest earns its marketing dollars due to the discoverability aspect of its user content. Pinners can create unlimited looks, inspiration, and storyboards that will remain searchable on the platform for as long as their profile exists. More than a billion pins exist on the platform, making it one of the most robust content networks worldwide.

2. Pinterest can be beneficial to women-centric brands.

 Female users who know how to use Pinterest, truly cherish the experience owing to the high user engagement characteristics of the visual platform. Of the 335 million active users present on the platform 72% of them are women. Combined with the fact that 48% of these users browse the platform actively before shopping and making a purchase, Pinterest can boost your online conversion.

3. Pinterest referral can improve traffic to site

Pinterest is inherently one of the largest visual search engines, accounting for about 5% of the total users referred to all websites. Uploading attractive images of products and other shareable content with relevant keywords can help you amass a volley of purchases and a fat bottom-line. There is no upper limit on how many times a product may be pinned and shared, therefore improving the overall reach of your brand. Understanding how to use Pinterest can open many doors. According to bestbudgetfor , Pinterest can bring in twice as much traffic from other social sites

4. Pinterest is a mobile-first platform.

About 85% of users logging in to Pinterest are doing so from a mobile. According to the Pinterest Media Study conducted by Ahalogy in 2015, pinners are checking their pins inside retail stores, searching for confectionary items, and searching furiously for the perfect home décor. A Pinterest board is very similar to a grocery list; all pinned items ultimately signify purchase intent. Moreover, since over 50% of all digital purchases happen through a mobile, pinners inclination to keep a visual wishlist handy can cause many a marketers’ delight.

5. Pinterest attracts a significant percentage of millennials

As they enter the prime earning years of their lives, Generation Y or millennials as they’re popularly referred to as, are being actively wooed by marketers and brands the world over. The selfie-obsessed generation doesn’t just know how to use Pinterest, they often base purchase decisions on what they find on the platform. About 34% of millennials use Pinterest actively for fashion, retail, and travel inspiration.

6. Pinterest is brand agnostic

When people search for products or experiences on Pinterest, their search is largely unbranded. Users flock to the platform in the search of something new and previously unseen. Building an engaging brand profile and connecting with users on Pinterest is a good way to stay connected with your audience and expand the user network. As per the 2019 Seasonal Insights research conducted by Pinterest, a whopping 98% of Pinners browse the platform in the search of new content. Most upcoming brands capitalize on this statistic to present their offerings to an audience eager to lap up a novel offering

7. Pinterest syncs seamlessly with other social media networks

Pinterest allows for seamless content sharing both within the platform, with your website and app, and with other social media networks. Adding a link to your Pinterest profile will not only help your customers view an aesthetic ensemble of your products on the platform, but it will also help them view your interactions with satisfied users and build positive reinforcement. Social selling accounts for a big proportion of online sales which you can optimize by learning how to use Pinterest.

8. Pinterest users have higher purchasing power

People use Pinterest boards to set up a visual directory of future purchases, both in the near term and long-term. This form of digital cataloging is popular among those with a higher purchasing power than the other personal and professional social networks, where the primary intent is interpersonal communication and content sharing. Having a visual board of planned purchases can serve as a powerful motivator for future expenditure; hence, the platform attracts those with a higher purchasing power.

9. Pinterest fosters digital word of mouth marketing

When a fellow pinner adds a certain product or experience to their pinboard, they are indirectly advocating for the same. Since Pinterest boards are largely public and visible to all users of the platform, viewing a product and seeing the number of times it’s been pinned and shared serves as a parameter for the popularity and social acceptance of the same. People often make purchase decisions based on their perception of the brand and in this regard, a product that features consistently across many Pinterest boards can be considered popular by extension. Higher the pins, higher the revenue.

10. Pinterest can help you understand your audience

As a marketer, Pinterest allows for a seamless visual interaction with your customer. Through their pinboards, you can glimpse into facets of their personality and get an understanding of who they are, how they live and what they aspire to buy or own. This insight can help you streamline your brand positioning by filling gaps in the market that competitors haven’t filled. A powerful brand messaging that hits all the right notes can enhance your popularity with your customers for a long time to come.